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Author Profession
Theodor Adorno Philosopher
Theodor W. Adorno Sociologist
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poet
Thomas Aquinas Theologian
Thomas Arnold Educator
Tex Avery Cartoonist
The Notorious B.i.g. Musician
Thomas Bangalter Musician
Texas Battle Actor
Thomas Becket Clergyman
Thomas Beecham Composer
Thomas Berger Novelist
Thomas Bernhard Novelist
Theodore Bikel Actor
Thomas Blood Soldier
Thomas Bossert Lawyer
Theresa Breslin Author
Thom Browne Designer
Tessanne Chin Musician
Thad Cochran Politician
Theodore Dalrymple Writer
Thayer David Actor
Theodosius Dobzhansky Scientist
Thelma Drake Politician
Theodore Dreiser Novelist
The Edge Musician
Thomas A. Edison Inventor
Theo Epstein Businessman
Thom Filicia Designer
Theodore J. Forstmann Businessman
Therese Fowler Author
Theaster Gates Artist
Theophile Gautier Poet
Theodore Gericault Artist
Tess Gerritsen Novelist
Theo Van Gogh Director
Thelma Golden Educator
Texas Guinan Businesswoman
Thom Gunn Poet
Thich Nhat Hanh Clergyman
The Mighty Hannibal Musician
Tess Henley Musician
Thierry Henry Athlete
Theodor Herzl Journalist
Theodore Hesburgh Clergyman
Thelma Houston Musician
Theo James Actor
Theo Jansen Artist
Thomas A Kempis Clergyman
Thérèse Of Lisieux Saint
Theophilus London Musician
Thomas Babington Macaulay Poet
Theresa May Politician
Thom Mayne Architect
Thabo Mbeki Statesman
Thia Megia Musician
Theodore Melfi Director
Theodor Mommsen Historian
Thelonious Monk Musician
Thierry Mugler Designer
Thandie Newton Actress
Theodore Parker Theologian
Teyonah Parris Actress
Theo De Raadt Scientist
Theresa Rebeck Playwright
Theodor Reik Psychologist
Theodore William Richards Scientist
Thelma Ritter Actress
Theodore Robinson Artist
Theodore Roethke Poet
Theodore Roosevelt President
Theo Rossi Actor
Theodore Isaac Rubin Psychologist
Theresa Russell Actress
Thelma Schoonmaker Editor
Theodore Schultz Economist
Thein Sein Politician
Thaksin Shinawatra Politician
Theodore C. Sorensen Lawyer
Thomas A. Steitz Scientist
Thaddeus Stevens Politician
Theodore Sturgeon Writer
Theodor Svedberg Scientist
Teyana Taylor Musician
Tertullian Author
Thales Philosopher
Thalia Musician
Themistocles Soldier
Theocritus Poet
Theophrastus Philosopher
Thiruvalluvar Poet
Tessa Thompson Actress
Thom Tillis Politician
Theo Von Comedian
The Weeknd Musician
Theodore White Journalist
Terry Wogan Entertainer
Thom Yorke Musician
Theodore Zeldin Philosopher
Terry Zwigoff Director

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